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Our Services

Ā mātou ratonga

The Te Pae Tawhiti Trust enables individuals and whānau to access the support that they need

Our success is based on a Whānau Ora approach - through the life of our support, and afterwards within the community. The goal is to empower communities and whānau to provide support to each other within the community context rather than individuals within an institutional context.

We encourage social inclusion and participation and believe in access to education, affordable housing, and health care for our communities.

The Te Pae Tawhiti Trust is result of the re-establishment of the strong and historic linkages between iwi groups in our region and is evidence of how we can all cooperate for the benefit of our people in areas of common interest, while always recognising the tino rangatiratanga of each iwi group in our region.

our programmes

O mātou hōtaka

Addiction Assessment
Addiction Counseling & Treatment
Community Reintegration Programme
Affordable Social Housing Support
Linking with Government Services
Skills Training
Apprenticeships & Employment
Whānau and Family Support
Linking with Communities

Whānau Support

We provide engagement and support for whānau and families within our community who are significantly impacted by their connection to drug addicts.

Our Te Whaiora Ara Tapu - A Sacred Journey to Wellness - programme provides specific resources through our Whānau Ora Kaitataki for the community to connect people with the right services for them to start to get the help they need.